transportation engineering

TMPL strives to provide customized engineered solutions to our customers catering to
diverse industries. With our in house team we undertake high-end engineering operations
and execute them successfully.

Today's challenging, complex projects requires well planned and flawlessly executed
solutions. No matter how demanding the project is, once our Transport engineering Team
has taken it, it will be accomplished on time and within budget.

The in house Engineering department provides solutions and method statements for each
Lifting & Transport Project. A dedicated team of specialized Engineers, Planners, Technicians
and back up office staff work together to provide solutions in the field of Horizontal, vertical
& integrated movements. The Company combines the creativity of mind with modern
technology, experience and expertise of skilled professionals to execute the project safely
on time and within budget.

Engineering Drawings

With a team of highly qualified engineers, we provide out of the box solutions to our clients as per their requirements. Our dedicated team of CAD operators and animators, equipped with the latest software develop state of art 2D and 3DDrawings and animations. These drawings and animations help us to create live situations and simulate heavy transport and lifting situations giving a live & real feel both to the clients as well as to the executing team.

Provision of Cranes for
Lifting and Discharging

We provide tailor made Alternate lifting solutions to our Clients in the fields of Petrochemicals, Refineries, Power Plants, Infrastructure, Automobiles and other allied fields. Even for the discharge operations we can render our services by arranging the suitable crane.

Lashing Arrangements

Our In house engineering team can provide you with the lashing and lifting calculations and thus ensuring the utmost saftey of the cargo.

Method Statements

The in house Engineering department provides solutions and method statements for each Lifting & Transport Project.

Route and Feasibility

Out Transport Engineering team checks the most feassible solutions and plan the transport accordingly. The engineers conducts the route surveys and provide the route survey/ feasibility reports accordingly.

Jacking and Skidding

When and whereever lifting is not possible the engineering team is always ready with the Jacking and Skidding arrangement to get the cargo placed on the foundation.

Site Operations

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Changing the way of Transport

At TMPL, you not only benefit from the services of a leading freight forwarder
operating on a global scale, but you also have an unmatched variety of haul-
age equipment at your disposal.