Value Added Services

We understand that not all logistics activity relates solely to projects. This was a key driver for
the creation of a division to provide added value outside the project arena, which we named
the Value added services Division (VASD).

This team has been compiled using a cross section of staff with experience in all aspects of
logistics management, including Land, Sea and Air as well as the more complex elements such
as letters of credit, VAT, GST and duty exemption/deferment processes. They also provide
valuable support to the project teams when new rates and options are required in respect of
changes in supply scope. This combined knowledge in all services and areas of expertise span
a broad range of inter-related functions that correlate to provide the seamless turnkey
solutions that our clients require.

Customs Clearance and
Duty Exemption

Customs handling of import and export shipments is part of our core services. We want our clients to know that their cargo is in safe hands with us. We take care of all document handling, which can be a tricky affair as customs rules and regulations vary from one country to another.

  • Project registration
  • Import/Export Custom Clearance under special schemes
  • Conversion of Foreign Flag Vessel / Marine Craft
  • Charter Engineering Certificate
  • In-direct Taxation

Warehousing and

With our flexible warehouse solutions, you will benefit from modern and secured storage facilities worldwide, indoor as well as outdoor. Our highly qualified staff is capable of handling all types of cargo, and modern equipment ensures a safe handling of your goods. In addition to storage of goods, our solutions include a large variety of services such as emptying and stowage of containers, repacking and packing, preparing your goods for transport.

Trade Compliance and

  • Project Consultancy

IT solutions

A major contributor to our service is the custom-built IT infrastructure. This connects seamlessly to both its customers’ systems and those of its shipping partners, allowing instantaneous order booking and real-time status updates along the supply chain.

Port Services and Agency.

Total Movements provides supply services and full service to crew, shipowners and management. Other related services including port and customs documentation, cargo handling, stevedoring, warehousing and chartering are also taken care of by our professional teams. Chartering the right type of vessel is important for achieving a successful project. Whether our clients need short or long-term chartering, we will be able to provide via our worldwide contact to shipping lines and shipowners.